Penerapan Model Pembelajaran Berdasarkan Masalah untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa pada Pembelajaran IPS Sekolah Dasar

Rizky Widyaningrum

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


The background of this research was the low of student learning result on social studies subject since teacher only applying learning model that only centered on teacher, only relying lecture method without learning model variation that inovative. It cause student tend to bore and unable to understand the matter on social studies learning so it will need a solution namely by applying problem based learning model. Subject and location in this research is fourth grade student of elementary school that amounted of 39 students. Instruments that applied in this research are teacher activity observation sheet, student activity observation sheet, test paper and questionere sheet. Data collection technique in this research using observation technique, test and questionere method. While data analysis technique applying descriptive and qualitative method. Research result show that teacher activity experince improvement during three cycles with completeness percentage 76.39% on first cycle, 86.12% on second cycle, and 94.45% on third cycle. On student learning result also experience improvement with completeness percentage 35.90% on early observation, 62.17% on first cycle, 74.35% on second cycle, and 82.05% on third cycle. Thus, it can be conclude that problem based learning model able to increasing student learning result on social studies at fourth grade of elementary school.




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