Demagogi Konsumsi : Tubuh Perempuan dalam Iklan Smartslim

Indah Rusianti

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Advertising is a fairly effective media to promote a product. The presence ofadvertising in the media, both print and electronic participation affect the success ofthe product for sale. The purpose of this study is to describe how the existence ofwomen's bodies in advertising products slimming smartslim in print. With theapproach of the sociology of the body and the analysis of semiotics Roland Barthes, the study was able to see the involvement of women in advertising model slimming body to the interests and existence of the commodity. The female body with some specific criteria such as, slim-bodied, tall, fair skinned, and high-nosed able to attract advertisers to provide an advertising model slimming products. Not without reason advertisers choose women with these criteria to be used as a model. The female body has become the unwitting  public  consumption  which  means  the  body  of  social  value.  Through  the  use  of rangakian products of smartlsimand menwan ad, model expected is capable of attracting a buyer.




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