Implementasi Model Pembelajaran Guided Discovery untuk Meningkatkan Keterampilan Proses Sains pada Materi Kalor dan Perpindahannya di Kelas VII SMP Negeri 1 Madiun

Lailatul Rohmah
Journal article Pensa: Jurnal Pendidikan Sains • 2015

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This aimed to describe the enforceability of learning, science process skills of students, and the students' response to guided discovery learning model. This type of research is experimental, design with pre experimental design. The targets of this research were students of class VII-F SMP 1 Madiun, determined by purposive sampling technique. Technique of The results showed, enforceability guided discovery learning model is effective, with an increase in the average score of the meeting of 1 to 3 meetings, which amounted to 3.31 (good criteria) in the first meeting, 3.49 (good criteria) at the meeting of 2, and 3, 88 (very good criteria) at a meeting 3. From N-Gain test analysis science process skills increased. The value of early science process skills of students is 2.02 increased to 3.41 with the thoroughness of students by 90% and only 10% of students who did not complete. From the test results of N-Gain result that every aspect of science process skills increased, 5 aspect with high category, and one aspect of the medium category. Students give a very strong positive response to the learning process of students guided discovery model that gives a positive response of 90%.  Keywords : Guided Discovery, Science Process Skills 




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