Representasi Produk Teknologi Rumah Tangga Dan Spirit Patriarki Dalam Iklan Media Massa Drtv

Indra Jaya Kusuma W.

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


             This study discusses the meanings of DRTV advertisement on sexual division roles interpretation between men and women as actors of home technology products user. On the other hand, the discourse of technology products advertising have a tendency to build social construction of gender relations as a relevant audience in the context of the family. The purpose of this research was to determine the representation of technology products in the perspective of a patriarchal household and construction of the mass media in the use of symbols that are formed based on gender ideology of patriarchy. The method used is qualitative and the approaching of this article using critical discourse analysis by Sara Mills. The analysis modul unit focus on feminist discourse perspective. Feminist discourse text shows refraction in showing women how actors are positioned as subject or object narrative of the story, and positioned the writer-reader. These results indicate that on the contrary to the basic assumptions of domestic technologies, the workload of women in the domestic sector can be reduced. It is increasingly ensnare for women in traditional roles. DRTV household technology products advertisement brought into familiese patriarchal ideology perspective, as well as placing women as objects of the story. A discourse household technology products DRTV advertisement perceptually form of social construction, and the internalization of gender roles are conceptually related to the audience's gender relations. It is to perpetuate traditional values that put the role of women in the domestic sector for household chores as part of responsibility in the context of the family.              Keywords: Patriarchy, Household, Construction Media, Feminist Discourse 




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