Praktik Sosial Komunitas Musik Jazz di Jombang

Nur Rahmad Pribadi

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Music is one form of the results of a culture that cannot be separated by social life. Sometimes identity has become a musical for the community or individual who enjoy it .This condition that also occurs in Jazz. Jazz music that was formerly regarded as among the bottom, even with progress in the music finally accepted and is identical with the top. This is what makes the condition of Jazz music tended to be developed in the community in large cities. Moreover it is in fact the people in large cities considered more advanced than those in other environmental. In spite of it, it turns out this time Jazz music has been accepted and developing not only on existing community in large cities but in small towns or even in areas fringe. It is evident from the community develops in the city of Jazz music Jombang. This condition it is interesting to finally being examined. Jombang city that is essentially a small town located in the outskirts of the region, it can be a place for the Jazz that is likely to only known just in big cities. Essentially it aims to assess research conducted by social practices Jombang Jazz Community. This study using a method of the qualitative study with reference to a structural approach of any genetic data to explore the subject of research. With a structural approach this is the genetic data obtained some heterogeneous. For example course there are some of the subject of study who plays Jazz music only for hobbies without expecting a personal advantage that maybe he got. Or there is also the subject of another study plays music to seek personal profit for himself. Because it is also the members of Jombag Jazz Commuity can be grouped into several categories in accordance with the practices of social that they do. Keywords: Jazz Music , Social Practices , Genetic Structural




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