Praktik Bullying Mahasiswa Jurusan Pendidikan Sejarah pada Masa Pkkmb Mahasiswa Angkatan 2012

Fitri Puspita Ayu Wulaningtyas

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Bullying can make a pressure to the victim. It could be happened to the verbal bullying. Usually is the verbal bullying like ridicule, yelling, and criticize. Bullying in education usually called “perpeloncoan”. It is become a tradition in every school or university when they open a new admissions for new students. There is an activity that basicly to giving knowledge to new students about their new school or university and name of the activity is PKKMB. It is pity about the activity it must to be aducated or lead new students to know more about their new college but it’s become a bullying. This research is based on qualitative and used phenomenology by Alfred Schurtz. It is about the people understanding for other consciousness, in a while they lived in their own realization. In the beginning of this observation found that semi bullying with yelling to new students along PKKMB proccess and also found the reason from one of BEM J that this must did it to giving the lesson and distinc to new students. There are some facts in area like intimidation from senior when they trying to look for junior’s fault Keywords: practice of bullying, students college, PKKMB




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