Penerapan Problem Based Instruction untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan Self Regulation Siswa Kelas VIII SMP Negeri 21 Surabaya pada Materi Indera Pendengaran

Ika Wahyu Nur Aeni
Journal article Pensa: Jurnal Pendidikan Sains • 2015

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Self regulation is an ability to control themselves in learning constructively and actively by designing their own learning strategies, to activate metacognition aspects, motivations, and their behaviour in undertaking the satiesfied study achievement. The learning model that is applied to improve the ability of self regulation is problem based instruction (PBI). PBI is a learning model that employ problems as an initial point to acquisite a new knowledge. In PBI, there are sactivities such as analyze, define the problems, construct hypotheses, collect and analyze the information or data, try out, and make a conclusion. The purpose of the study was to description about (1) the application of PBI, (2) the students’ Self Regulation ability, and (3) learning outcomes of the students’ domain of the eighth graders SMP Negeri 21 Surabaya after PBI is applied in an auditory nerve system material. A kind of this research is pre-eksperimental design to a draft research one group pretest-posttest. The data were collected using observation technique, questionnaire method, and test. The result of the study shows that the lesson plan in the first meeting until the third meeting is applied with result the teaching learning that was done by the teacher was in very good category with the score mean 3,57. The students’ activities were in good category with the score mean 3,24. The ability of the students’ self regulation was in high category with score mean 77,97 however there was a bit improvement between the ability of self regulation before and after PBI was applied in a auditory nerve system  material, which gained indexe score 0,15 which was included in low category. The students’ learning outcomes of knowledge domain shows that 94,59% of the students were passed and 5,41% are not passed. Key words : problem based instruction, self regulation, teaching application, learning outcomes.




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