DISTRIBUSI ARENA POLISI CEPEK (Studi Mengenai Habitus, Modal, dan Arena pada Praktik Sosial Polisi Cepek di Ketintang Selatan)

Hebby Dwi Patniawati

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


  Generally city are the representation of progress and development. Furthermore, city also has a point where it could not  supply any good facilities for their citizen which is always do increased. One of the example is the existence of cepek police in Surabaya city which based by incomplete and uncomfortable public facilities given by the govement. This research aim to analysis the mechanism or arena’s distribution process did by cepek police group.  Subject of this research is cepek police group in Ketintang Selatan railroad.  This research used genetic structuralism of Bourdieu, combine with social practice theoritical proposition which also came from Pierre Bourdieu to knowing the relation between habitus, capital, and arena on that distribution practice did by cepek police group in Ketintang Selatan.  The result, the distribution of  arena authorities over two cepek police’s pioner is the beginning of distribution arena’s practice. Social capital such as colleague and habitus about street’s knowledge are the other aspect which is happening on developing   distributon arena’s practice it self.   Keywords: Cepek Police, Social Practice, Bourdieu,  Genetic Structuralism, arena’s distribution.




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