Konstruksi Wanita Menikah di Usia Dini Tentang Penggunaan Alat Kontrasepsi di Desa Kendalsari Kecamatan Sumobitokabupaten Jombang

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In this modernization era, child marriage still exist. Child marriage is a formal marriage or informal union entered into by an individual before reaching the age of eighteen.Child marriages are still fairly widespred in a lot of rural community. In Kendalsari village society there is so many girls in child marriages were just finished elementary school and junior high school. Some of their perents consider that education is not an important thing for women. Because most perents think although their daughter have a high education eventually they just doing their duty as a wife, cooking and take care of their children. Purpose marriages construction about untilizing contraception tools in Kendalsari village, Sumobito district, Jombang regency. This research is a quality research using contraception tools. Data acheivment of this research are from in depth interview and from secondary data which in contraception tools literature. Now the people who are child marriage hav awwarness to manage their amount of children. Because now a days have a lot children have a lot fortune motto is not valid anymore. If the amount of children isbigger will affected household management. For them with the higher household management will be able to guarantee their childrens future. But for the poor family will be overload with the amout of children. There’s a lot of woman whom children marriages in Kendalsari have minimum knowledge about the contraception tools, because Kendalsari socialization about contraception tools never being held. So, a notice from government is necessary. The government may socialisizepred all over, so womens knowledge about the contraception tools be better. Keyword: Social Construction, Child Marriage, Contraception Tools.




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