Punk dan Keluarga: Studi Fenomenologi Motif Menjadi Punkers dalam Lingkup Keluarga

Januar Putra Nugraha

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


The development of modern society and culture and making people can enjoy cultural and ideology of strangers.Are in the midst of the community citizens as either an unfamiliar culture for most of its existence is disturbing because its radical and negative.Because of that, many old people who rejected a member of the family, especially their children to become one of the punkers.The motive is to find out what it used to be one of the punkers in relation to the family.This research using approach phenomenology Alfred Schutz act of stating that one has two motives, it is because of and in order to.Technical data use engineering and technical data collection and analysis of data using reducing the data. This research result indicates that a motive that arises is variegated and most influenced by economic factors and social interaction Keywords: Motive, Punk, Community  




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