Jaringan Sosial Pengrajin Genteng di Desa Kaloran Kabupaten Nganjuk

Ahmat Fatkur Rohji

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


The study is to portray the social networks established a tile with pengepul as well as with the buyer.These studies the use of social networking and exchange of james coleman blau in analisisnya m peter.Basically social network formed due to mutual know, inform each other, remind each other, and assist each other in the discharge or settle something.The method is applicable in qualitative and the social capital james coleman.Subject of study is villagers kaloran employed as a tile and bricks.The technique of the participant observer using the technical data analysis conducted by ways of inductive.The result of this research was explained that the social networks because we have confidence ( trust between craftsman and pengepul.A craftsman as trustor and broker as the trustee and this is the opposite. While the social networks are in a tile Kaloran: first, craftsman – jobbing 1 (shipyard ) – jobbing 2 – a broker. Second, a craftsman – jobbing shipyard – buyers. Third, a craftsman – buyers. Meanwhile, the social can be seen from the two exchanges are instrinsik the exchange includes when broker having hajatan craftsman helped also carries usually consists of rice, noodles and others, includes exchange and either the extrinsic of craftsmen have hajatan broker when the constitution and the lack of funds as a broker be willing to lend him money. Keywords : Craftsman, Social networking, and Sosial exchange




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