Pengembangan Media Jeopardy Game untuk Pembelajaran Keterampilan Berbicara Bahasa Jerman

Nimatul Qomariyah
Journal article Laterne • April 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Based on the observations of the researchers, it was found that the students had difficulty in speaking German, especially in SMAN 3 Sidoarjo. So teacher need the media to answer the problem. Some media can be used to help learners of German speaking skills, one of them is Jeopardy Game Media. Jeopardy Game Media is a medium used in the Jeopardy game by using computers. This media consists of questions and scores because the principle of this media is like a quiz. The questions of this media are about Lebensmittel, Essen und Trinken as they are used for class XI. In this study, the problem which discuss how is the process of developing Jeopardy Game media for learning German language skills. And the purpose of this research is to develop Jeopardy Game media for learning German language skills. The development model used is media development model according to Asyhar, which consists of (1) needs analysis and characteristics of learners; (2) to formulate learning objectives; (3) formulating material points; (4) develop evaluation instruments; (5) draft media; (6) validation; and (7) conducting trials / revisions. The instrument used is a questionnaire. Questionnaires are given to the material and media experts for validation. In the validation aspect, we get 100% results for the material and 96% for the media. Based on this, the media is worthy used  in learning German language skills. Keywords: Jeopardy Game Media, development, German language





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