Acquisition of Morphological and Syntactic Knowledge for Early Childhood

Arjulayana Arjulayana • Emzir Emzir • Ninuk Lustiyantie


This paper looked into the mental processes in early childhood's language acquisition. The way children acquire their language inherent with specific pattern based on their age and systematic nature. data anlysis based on psycholinguisticsapproach relate with morphological and syntactic acquisition for early childhood. Morphology studies relate with a form of words, how the words can transform and understandable, and syntax as a concept in organising sentence's structure.The qualitative analysis is implemented in this paper to explain the data descriptively relate with competence oriented theory. This paper shows in each individual child has their own language mechanism in acquiring the language, based on their cognitive. So the theory of nativism and bahaviorism are come together to acquire the morphology and syntax in early childhood language.




International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences

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