Perceptive on Indian Diaspora with Chase of Identity and Colliding Cultures

Suchitra Vashisth


The Diaspora writers render the extent and multifaceted nature of the country which owns multiples of all things - multiple actualities, multiple veracities and multiple issues and this range are brought to the notice of the people wide-reaching. The term Diaspora which was used to put forward to Jewish diffusion is being now used to submit to current situations that engross the experiences of deportee workers, refugees, exiles, immigrants and cultural communities. The Diaspora writers have enriched the English literature with their notable assistance. The prying involves disarticulation or dislocation in cultural aspects rather than sheer ecological dislodgment. The problems they deal with in their works are generally the hardships faced by immigrants, refugees and exiles. Diaspora works when viewed in a wider sense reveals their facets enabling the comprehension of different cultures.




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