Steadfastly Dauntless: Excellent Students in the Midst of Challenging Working Environment

Daisy N. Baniaga • Carmella A. Porquerino • Levie T. Vidad • Gener S. Subia


This phenomenological research was conducted to investigate the experiences of working college students that helped them greatly achieve excellence in school as well as in their workplaces. Participants of this study were honor students who are currently working in part-time basis. Results revealed that there are six major themes with corresponding sub-themes in analyzing the life of working student achievers. These are: a.Eco-Social Condition (education support, number of family members and family income); b.Fortitude (nature and hours of work); c.Motivations (family-financial status and personal growth);d. Difficulties (student roles and rest and leisure time); e. Fruits of Labor(academic achievement and work incentives and promotions); and f.Virtues Developed(perseverance and determination).




International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences

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