Analysis of Noise Level Generated by Stone Cutter Machine

Lindawati Lindawati • Nuzuli Fitriadi • Afdhal Afdhal
Journal article Inotera • June 2018 Indonesia

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(English, 6 pages)


Marble, one of natural stone, has been widely produced since the last decade. In South Aceh, Marble stone is fabricated at Marble Production Unit that is located around Polytechnic of Aceh Selatan. The using of large-scale stone-cutting machines in Marble Production process tends to be a major noise source in Polytechnic of Aceh Selatan environment. The aim of this study is to analyze the noise level generated by Marble Cutting Machine in Marble Production Unit. The noise levels were analyzed by measuring Background Noise Level (BNL) and Sound Pressure Level (SPL). Sound Level Meter Type SL-814 was employed in the measurement. The results show that Background Noise Level measured is 53.03 dB on average. The highest Sound Pressure Level measured when the marble cutting machine was operated without workpiece is 94dB. In addition, the highest sound pressure level measured when marble cutting machine was operated with the workpiece is 96 dB. The values have generally exceeded the Threshold Noise Level allowed for education area, 55 dB. The noisy condition in campus environment would have an impact on teaching and learning processes within the Polytechnic of South Aceh.





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