Investasi dalam Perspektif Ekonomi Islam: Pendekatan Teoritis dan Empiris

Elif Pardiansyah
Journal article Economica: Jurnal Ekonomi Islam • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 38 pages)


Investment is a commitment to withhold excess funds in order to gain profit in the future. Nevertheless, there are unscrupulous individuals who utilize investment as a means of collecting funds from the public with products and activities that are not according to sharia. Therefore, explaining the principles of sharia in investing becomes important as a guide for society. Eclpisit and implicit investment activities contained in the number of Qur'anic verses and the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, who once ran the business and became a partner of the Mecca investor of his day. The principle of sharia investment is any form of muamalah may be done until there is a prohibited prohibition, the water search for forbidden activities in a business activity, both object (product) and the process of activity that contains elements haram, gharār, maysīr, ribā, tadlīs, talaqqī al-rukbān, ghabn, ḍarar, rishwah, maksiat and ẓulm. In investing, there are sharia rules regarding what covenants are allowed, what is prohibited, and risks that arise as an integral part of investment activity.




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