Dampak Ekonomi Bank dan Nasabah dari Aplikasi Dana Talangan Haji pada Bank Mega Syariah Cabang Pekanbaru

Ahmad Maulidizen
Journal article Islamiconomic • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 22 pages)


. Haj funds are financing by using a contract of qarḍ or ijārah given to prospective pilgrims in an effort to obtain the portion number of Hajj or Biaya Perjalanan Ibadah Haji (BPIH). This product provides economic impact to banks and customers. The results show that the economic impact to customers, is financially the customer does not feel burdened by the installment, they feel helped because of getting certainty of departure to perform the pilgrimage . Economic impact to the bank is to get a profit or capital back in quick time obtained from the payment customer, in this case the customer's money for the repayment of such financing with a period of 1 year so that the bank can use to finance other financing





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