Kepemimpinan Wanita sebagai Kepala Sekolah Studi di SD Negeri Kecamatan Balung Kabupaten Jember

Selasi Priatiningsih
Journal article Alignment • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


The research aims at describing types as well as teachers perception on woman principal leadership in Public Primary School in Balung subdistrict. The research approach was quantitative with survey research to gather a general descrition of woman principal leadership. Data collection was carried out through questionnaire and interview technique to 54 teachers at Public Primary School lead by women principals. The sample was population sample because it used the whole participants as the sample. The results of the research showed that the dominant type of 5 women principals included in personal type of leadership which is indicated by mean 10.147 (SD 1.393) whereas otoriter type became the smallest score included as minor type which was indicated by mean 9.056 (1.224). teachers perception showed that leadership stye of woman principles was inclined to be feminine with mean 3.68 and transformational style indicated by mean 3.11 which was supported bu two insicators by masculine and transactional styles. Keywords: Woman Leadership, Women Principles, Balung Public Primary School





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