Modelling Agents with A-Prolog

Fernando Zacarias Flores • Rosalba Cuapa Canto • Meliza Contreras • Oscar Garcia Pérez


This Nowadays, research in computational agents capable of rational behaviour has grown widely. The formalizations of agents and their implementations have proceeded in parallel in different areas. In the games theory the behaviour of agents is relevant and necessary. We presented a novel approach about a computational agent that plays efficiently the well-known game connects four. This agent includes a reasoning module for decision-making based on A-Prolog (Answer Set Programming). Our aims in this article are firstly to briefly summarize the key concepts of decision theory and game theory. Next, we present a novel implementation about an agent in the game connect four that shows a perfect union between two different paradigms that have shown efficiency (A-Prolog amp Java). This article shows the effective use of A-Prolog as a modeling language. We show that our A-Prolog-based approach can naturally satisfy the above requirements, through an A-Prolog encoding of the connects four game.




International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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