Comparative study of different materials used for manufacturing of an automobile body

Abhijeet Maharnwar • Sarath Nair • Dhananjay Dolas

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(English, 5 pages)


The fast growing demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles to reduce energy consumption and air pollution is a challenge for the automotive industry. The weight reduction is considered as a leading key in upgrading the fuel economy. The Varity of different materials can be found within vehicle body including steel, magnesium alloys, plastics alloys and aluminium alloys .Aluminium alloy is more significant as compared to other material because of strength, weight and anti-corrosion as well as cost wise the aluminium alloy material cost is less than carbon fibre reinforced plastics. The objective of this paper is comparative study of different materials uses for manufacturing the automobile body and their performance. This study is useful to understand different materials performance in automobile body and their benefits. This study is an attempt to cover all variety of up-to date body materials, and highlight the most promising of them for volume production was committed on small scale industry.




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