Text and Interaction: A Performance Analysis Written in Present Evaluations of Pedagogy Students in the Distance Mode

Janete Araci Do Espírito Santo • Bianka Pires André • Sonia Maria Da Fonseca Souza • Carlos Henrique Medeiros De Souza • Fabrício Moraes De Almeida


This study aims to verify the use and mastery of linguistic knowledge in the writing process of Pedagogy students, in the form of Distance Education. The methodology was based on an exploratory analysis of texts produced in the face-to-face assessments that occurred in the first half of 2017. In the analysis of the answers, a descriptive graph of the errors and inadequacies observed was presented. The results show the commitment of writing to the meaning of the text, since this is a result of it. With this study, it was noticed that the university students have presented difficulties in expressing, in writing, their thoughts, their understandings and their opinions in an adequate and coherent way. Therefore, in order to minimize the anxiety experienced by these students at the time of writing, it is suggested that through the Instrumental Portuguese class, which part of the curriculum is, the linguistic aspects responsible for the production of meaning in texts and the interaction of the interlocutors. In order to meet the needs of undergraduate students, in the specific case of Pedagogy, since it concerns the training of teachers, professionals who will work in the literacy of children and young people and need to prioritize knowledge about language, reading and writing of these students.


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