Application of the Quick Tool Exchange (QTE) System in Building Maintenance

Augusto De Souza Leite • Flávio De São Pedro Filho • José Arilson De Souza • Leonardo Severo Da Luz Neto • Elder Gomes Ramos


Quick Tool Exchange (QTE) acts to reduce losses and failures during the production process and throughput time, contributing to rapid response to market changes. The object of the work is a private school of the Municipality of Porto Velho, capital of Rondônia. The general objective is to study the building maintenance of a private school in the Municipality of Porto Velho / RO, focusing on QTE technology. Therefore, the specific objectives were to characterize the building maintenance in the study (1); compare the operational processes applied in the face of QTE concepts (2); and propose innovation for the operational improvement of building maintenance in operation (3). The building maintenance has a clear importance, since its compliance contributes to the preservation of life and health of users of any construction. Both the preventive and the corrective have been receiving the importance due to it, especially the preventive one, since this is always cheaper in comparison to the corrective one, since besides the damages caused to the physical structure of the building, there can exist to the users present in the occurrence of the fact. The methodological procedures consisted in carrying out a bibliographic survey followed by a case study. The results demonstrated measures approved and not approved by the QTE, suggesting simple innovations, but with significant consequences to the improvement of service rendering, minimizing costs in the area of building maintenance. This study is of interest to businessmen in general, especially the public or private educational sector, and those involved with the area of Production Administration.


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