Sustainable Horticulture: A bibliometric Study

Tiago Henrique De Paula Alvarenga • Carlos Manuel Taboada Rodriguez • Simone Sartori • Rogério De Oliveira Anese • Amauri Alves De Alvarenga


This paper examines the scientific researches regarding "sustainable horticulture" to identify research flows with potential for future investigation. Through a bibliometric and content analysis for the 2011-2015 periods and the 2016 first semester, 12 articles, according and relevant to the theme, were selected. The results obtained from the analysis demonstrated the importance of the subject for both academic research and for the practice, since it elucidated scientific production and trends, impact factor, relevant scientific periodicals, contribution by countries and its institutions, methods and research tools, keywords. It stands out that the theme "sustainable horticulture" is used in most cases to address only the environmental dimension and, in a few cases, in the economic and social dimensions. Based in the analysis of the keywords, the terms production, systems and sustainability formed the main research clusters, attracting great attention during the study period.


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