RFID System Applicability Model for Traceability of Luggage at Airports

João Carlos Silva De Oliveira • Manoel Henrique Reis Nascimento • Jorge De Almeida Brito Junior • Carlos Alberto Oliveira De Freitas


One of the critical points in the framework of air transport, is the management of luggage at airports. Every year, a large number of people feel the need to travel for various reasons and that efficient management is a difficult task that needs to keep up with the growth demand in a satisfactorily. One of the problems that has not been solved is exactly the loss, misplacement or mishandling of baggage at airports, given the difficulty of the current management systems to monitor the baggage, which causes unwanted situations to life. Radiofrequency Identification Technology (RFID), integrated with an information system, presents itself as a solution to numerous daily setbacks in various segments, because its main feature is basically to capture information at a distance about some element in movement. By implementing a smart tag (tag) in each baggage, it becomes possible to trace it along the path. In order to solve this problem, the present work aims to develop a prototype software, integrated with RFID, to simulate the control of luggage at airports by means of three scenarios where luggage misplacement may occur.


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