Pengaruh Lokasi, Pelayanan, dan Prosedur Pencairan Pembiayaan terhadap Keputusan Anggota Koperasi Mengambil Pembiayaan

Al Haq Kamal Septi Wulandari
Journal article Iqtisad • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 29 pages)


This study aims to determine the things that affect the results of cooperatives. The problem formulation in this research is the influence of location, service, and process to develop in KSPS KUM3 Al Istiqomah. And also affect the location, service, and process to develop in KSPS KUM3 Al Istiqomah.This research methodology uses quantitative. The method used to test and multiple regression analysis. Data processing techniques used by interviewing KSPS manager KUM3 Al Istiqomah and members of the cooperative as respondents by filling out the questionnaire. Respondents in this study are members of KSPS KUM3 Al Istiqomah faced by 68 people or members with the help of SPSS software to analyze data and payment of hypothesis.The result of the research shows that the location factor has no significant effect on the member decision of the cooperative to take the financing. However, for the factors and the liquefaction process is one of the most influential on the results of KSPS KUM3 Al Istiqomah.





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