Praktik Jual Beli Saham Syari'ah Perspektif Hukum Islam

Ahmad Faqih
Journal article Iqtisad • 2018 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 35 pages)


Shariah shares as an Islamic financial instrument is a new product in the world of Islamic economics. Companies that want to issue shares must be through the selection of shariah conducted by the Financial Services Authority along with the National Shari'ah Council. Selection includes the form of business, company production, and financial management. If the form of business of a company is considered contrary to the principles of shari'ah, then the shares of the company also does not include Shari'ah shares. The 'ulama, in this case the National Shari'ah Council-Majelis Ulama Indonesia (DSN-MUI) issued a fatwa on the principles of shari'ah that should be applied in the sale and purchase of Shariah shares. Along with the development of Shari'ah shares, PT Phintraco Securities which is one of the brokers / sharebrokers, has been certified by the National Shari'ah Board (DSN-MUI) to practice the sale and purchase of syari'ah shares in the syari'ah capital market. PT Phintraco Securities itself already has a supporting application for investors to conduct stock transactions shari'ah online. In practice, PT Phintraco Securities charges its customers with wage fees for the provision of the service, which Ujroh later called. With this application, practices that are contrary to Shariah principles can be controlled. Because this application has an Auto Rejact system and cancel any otomoatis transactions that are considered harmful to other parties.In the viewpoint of Islamic religion based on analysis we have done, the conclusion that practice of buying and selling Shari'ah shares in PT Phintraco Securities is in accordance with what is used as a good standard according to Alqur'an, Alhadits, Ijma 'para' ulama or law applicable in Indonesia





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