Penerapan Metode Cooperative Learning Teknik Jigsaw dalam Pembelajaran Ski pada Kelas VIII di Mts N Karangawen Demak (Studi Eksperimen)

Laila Ngindana Zulfa
Journal article Jurnal Progress • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 32 pages)


In learning process, students are expected to be active and have high intelligent but not individualistic, so educators should use various methods. However, in the study of SKI in madrasahs especially in Karangawen still using conventional methods and it so monoton and make students are less active and tend to uneven in distribution result, so impressed individualist. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct research on Cooperative Learning method of Jigsaw technique in learning SKI to improve the quality of learning both in process and outcome. This study is an experimental study that requires the existence of two experimental groups and control groups, to determine the difference between the quality of learning between the two. Pre test and post test were also conducted to measure the success of both groups of respondents. Some things to do related to the research procedure were performed such as validity and reliability test of intruments, as well as normality and homogeneity test of respondent's distribution.




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