Psikologi Kepribadian dalam Pendidikan di Madrasah

Anas Rohman, Nella Khoirina
Journal article Jurnal Progress • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 24 pages)


Madrasah as a place for learning and educate the learners in getting knowledge, behavior and good personality so without accompanied by a good understanding of human behavior or precisely personality, it will be difficult to establish interaction and socialization in order to achieve optimal education to learners. For that teacher is assigned to form and develop the personality of their students, such as character and nature of their students and teachers also must understand the existence of each individual or learners as a whole, addressing every problem that arises from the learners themselves in learning through psychological approach. Personality psychology is about the power of psychology that makes each individual unique where the reason someone behaves influenced by innate and changing factors of the environment and involves work of body and soul that is able to adapt to the environment so that the psychology of personality in education in the madrasah contributes in the process of education.




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