Sinergi Kegiatan Desa Mandiri Benih dan Kawasan Mandiri Benih untuk Mewujudkan Swasembada Benih

Valeriana Darwis
Journal article Analisis Kebijakan Pertanian • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 14 pages)


Rice seed determines successful rice farming. Adopting quality seed will improve farm yield. Rice seed procurement programs implemented by Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) among others are Seed Self-Reliance Region Model coordinated by IAARD and Seed Self-Reliance Village managed by Directorate General of Food Crops. This paper aims to synthesize those two seed procurement programs into one program called as Seed Producer Center Village. Both programs have similarities, i.e. (a) both programs were carried out by MoA, (b) programs implementation involve Provincial and Regional Agriculture Offices, BPTP/UPBS, and BPSBTPH, and (c) encouraging seed growers to become seed producers. Requirements to integrate both programs are: (i) duties coordination of each involved agency; (ii) selection of seed growers to participate in the program; (iii) seed growers training carried out by BPSBTPH/UPBS, (iv) production inputs purchase prior to planting season, and (v) the government buys the seed produced in the program and distribute it to the rice production enhancement programs.




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