Cedera Akibat Kecelakaan Lalu Lintas di Sleman: Data HDSS 2015 dan 2016

Anni Tiurma Mariana • Fatwa Sari Tetra Dewi
Journal article Berita Kedokteran Masyarakat • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Injuries from traffic accidents in Sleman: HDSS data 2015 and 2016Purpose: This study was conducted to know the description of respondent characteristic of injury caused by a motorcycle accident, description of injury characteristic and relation between demography factor to injury status of motorcycle rider injured due to motorcycle traffic accident. Method: Type of study with cross-sectional design using secondary data HDSS 2015 and 2016. Samples are all HDSS respondents who got injured due to motorcycle accident. The data will be analyzed by univariable and bivariate test using Chi-square analysis. Results: Injuries from motorcycle accidents were higher in people <45 years old (69.7%), male sex (54.3%), marital status (51.9%), high education level (59.3% ), working (57.3%), urban residence (80%) and upper middle economic status (26.4%). Age is significantly associated with motorcycle injury, while sex, marital status, education level, occupation type, a location of residence and socioeconomic status are not significantly related to injury status. Conclusion: Age is statistically related to injury status. Groups ≥45 years are more at risk of injury. We need to formulate a health program to minimize the risk of severe injury by integrating some of the ongoing elderly health.




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