Kultur Embrio Pisang Liar Musa Acuminata Ssp. Sumatrana yang Langka (Embryo Culture Of Endangered Wild Banana Musa Acuminata Ssp. Sumatrana)

Ika Roostika • Agus Sutanto • Nfn Edison • Nurwita Dewi
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • June 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Musa acuminata ssp. sumatrana is an endangered wild banana species that should be conserved. The in vitro culture can be applied for conserving wild banana accessions. The establishment of regeneration method, including the use of growth medium, is required in the application of in vitro conservation. The influence of BA, TDZ, and PVP to the survival and growth rate of embryos of M. acuminata ssp. sumatrana will be discussed in this study. The factorial in compeletely randomized design with four replications was used in this study. The first factor was BA (0, 1, 3, and 5 mg/L), the second factor was TDZ (0 and 0.1 mg/L), and the third factor was PVP (100 and 300 mg/L). Variables observed were the percentage of survival rate, the percentage of growth rate, the percentage of root formation, number of shoot, root, and leaf. The result a significant interaction between the concentration of BA, TDZ, and PVP to all observed variables. The combined treatment between 5 mg/L BA, 0.1 mg/L TDZ, and 300 mg/L PVP provided the highest survival rate (100%), growth rate (100%), shoot multiplication (five shoots/explant), and number of leaf (15 leaves/shoot). This medium can be applied for micropropagation of M. acuminata ssp. sumatrana in supplying plant materials for in vitro conservation.




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