Re-interpretasi Pemikiran Ukhuwwah Sayyid Quthb

Arsyad Sobby Kesuma
Journal article Miqot • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 26 pages)


The Reinterpretation of Ukhuwwah Thought of Sayyid Quthb. This research attempts to depict the thoughts of Sayyid Quthb who has always been claimed to be a fundamentalist, radical and extremist. However, based on research by taking samples of his thoughts about the concept of ukhuwah, the above claims are not entirely true. While reviewing his thoughts on ukhuwwah, he is a tolerant Islamic thinker, and a love of peace. This can be seen from some of his thoughts that are considered quite open among them. First, according to him tolerance is the most important element for the realization of peace. Second, a believer when turned away they do it with civilized self-responsibility. Thirdly, freedom of religion is a human right in which creed, one deserves to be called human. Fourth, the problem of faith, as tought in Islam, is a matter of willingness after receiving information and explanation, rather than coercion and pressure. Fifth, every believer is in a bond of brotherhood regardless of their group and mainstreams.





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