Fatwa Methodology of National Sharia Board of Indonesian Ulama Council in Islamic Economics

Iiz Izmuddin
Journal article Miqot • 2018 Indonesia

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(English, 16 pages)


This study aims to find out the methodology of DSN-MUI fatwa in response to the problems of Muslims in Indonesia related to economy. The DSN-MUI comes by issuing its fatwa with a distinctive fatwa methodology, called mutawassitah (moderation) between the mutasâhil (liberal) method and the mutasyaddid (textualist) method. There are about 116 fatwas issued by DSN-MUI from 2000 to present time (2017). The first fatwa on Giro 01/DSN-MUI/IV/2000 and the latest fatwa No. 116/DSN-MUI/II/2017 on Uang Elektronik Syariah. The approach in this study is the mashlahah approach, the jurisprudence (fiqh) principles and madhhab comparison especially mutasyaddid (texstualist) and mutasâhil sects (liberal). This study concludes that the methodology of the DSN-MUI fatwa declaring with moderation methodology is in fact closer to the mazhab of mutasâhil even though the approach of fiqhiyah approaches more closely to the textualist but the subtance is closer to the madhhab mutasâhil.





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