Tafsir Tarjumân Al-mustafîd Karya ‘Abd Al-rauf Al-fanshuri: Diskursus Biografi, Kontestasi Politis-teologis dan Metodologi Tafsir

Arivaie Rahman
Journal article Miqot • 2018 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 22 pages)


‘Abd al-Rauf al-Fanshuri's Tarjumân al-Mustafîd: Biography, Political and Theological Contestation and Tafsir Methodology. This article is an attempt to provide insight to the reader on the interpretation of Tarjumân al-Mustafîd by ‘Abd al-Rauf al-Fanshuri focusing on the sura al-Fâtihah and sura al-Baqarah which consumes at least fifty pages of the Tarjumân al-Mustafîd tafsir. This commentary was written when ‘Abd al-Rauf assumed the position of mufti in the kingdom of Atjeh, which was then led by four sultanahs in turn, although, it is almost arguable that the political nuance did not seep into his interpretation. The unique aspect of the interpretation of ‘Abd al-Rauf, he constantly uses certain keywords to start an interpretation, coupled with the language and script inherent in the interpretation increasing the wealth of the wealth of interpretation of the Nusantara that is rarely owned by other exegetes.





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