CILUKBA: Popular Learning dan Akhlak Inklusif dalam Majalah Anak Islam

Okta Nurul Hidayati
Journal article Miqot • 2018 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 19 pages)


Cilukba: Popular Learning and Inclusive Character in Muslim Child Magazine. This paper is an effort to understand the pattern of daily Islamic education Cilukba magazine. Islamic education in Indonesia has continuously taught students in the schools by providing the doctrines of textbooks, whereas popular media significantly increases such as Cilukba that represents Islamic children magazine. On one hand, the existence of Cilukba magazine can be an alternative media for daily learning for children, on the the other hand, however, it might construct a new doctrine for children. This paper uses a qualitative descriptive approach with content analysis techniques Cilukba magazine. The results showed that Cilukba magazine contains daily Islamic learning materials, such as learning adab, morals and exemplary are described in the rubrics in the magazine, with a modern design look. The author argues that Cilukba magazine constructs education through visualizing of Islamic idealism. In addition, Cilukba rubrics provides an alternative education which run hand in hand with formal Islamic education in Indonesia.





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