Fertility-Sparing Surgery in Early Stage Cervical Cancer

In Gede Budiana • Astawa Pemayun, Tjokorda Gede
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Cancer • March 2018 Indonesia

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Cervical cancer is a Malignancy in women that cause major impacts, not only biologically, but also in various aspects of life. On patients during reproductive age, cervical cancer poses severe sexual and reproductive debilitation. Trend in the onset of first diagnosis is moving towards younger age, and mostly affect women in their reproductive age. This would give a bad impact on the sustainability of the patient's reproductive function. Until now, fertilitysparing approach for the management of early-stage cervical cancer is still rare in Indonesia. However, some options of conservative surgical therapy are available for patients who desire fertility, namely conization, simple tracellectomy, radical trachelectomy, and also neoadjuvant chemotherapy. These options have been proven effective and safe, while maintaining patients' reproductive functions.




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