Analisis Berkelanjutan Usahatani Tanaman Sayuran Berbasis Pengendalian Hama Terpadu di Kabupaten Tanggamus Provinsi Lampung (Analysis Of Sustainability Status Of Vegetable Farm Based On Integrated Pest Management At Tanggamus District Lampung Province)

Nfn Sudiono • Surjono Hadi Sutjahyo • Nurheni Wijayanto • Purnama Hidayat • Rachman Kurniawan
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • December 2017 Indonesia

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The yield of vegetable is at risk due to the incidence of pests and pathogens. It was related to good agricultural practices and integrated pest management. The purposes of this research were to identify indicators of sustainable vegetables farm and to analyze index sustainability of vegetable farm based on integrated pest management. The research was conducted from March to October 2015 in Tanggamus District, Lampung Province. This research applied multi dimensional scaling (MDS), leverage analysis, and Monte Carlo analysis by rapid appraisal for integrated pest management (Rap IPM). Research showed that among 60 indicators analyzed there were 20 sensitive indicators that affected sustainability index and status. Sustainability index in Tanggamus District were dimension of social and economy obtained value 60.90 and 51.39, it was categorized as sufficiently sustainable, while sustainability index of ecology, technology, and institution dimensions were 48.54, 38.36, and 40.61 respectively, which were considered as less sustainable.




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