Pengaruh Residu Pupuk P pada Mt I terhadap Status P Tanah dan Hasil Padi Sawah pada Mt II di Kabupaten Dharmasraya Sumatera Barat

Ismon Lenin • Widia Siska
Journal article Jurnal Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Teknologi Pertanian • March 2018 Indonesia

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Effectof Residual Fertilizer P on MTI to Land P StatusandResults Paddy Fieldon MT II in District Dharmasraya West Sumatera. Upland converted to paddy field, and intensively fertilized for 30 years causes the soil phosphorus (P) to be very high and the plant does not respond to the fertilization of P. P fertilizer residues given in the previous planting season needs to be studied its utilization for the next planting. This study aimed to examine the effect of P fertilizer residue on MT I with high P status to P status and paddy rice yield on MT II in Dharmasraya Regency. The research was conducted from August - December 2013 on newly established paddy field in Dharmasraya District with Typic Hapludults soil type. The results showed that the application of P fertilizer at MT I with high rate on the high P status was proven to be utilized by plant on MT II. However, to obtain high productivity of the plant is still needed additional P fertilizer. The residue of P fertilizer on MT I can still be utilized to increase yield on MT II by 8.46% from 4,444 kg dried milled grain/ha to 4,820 kg dried milled grain/ha. The increase of P fertilizer rate no longer has a significant effect on the increase of dried grain yield. paddy, fertilizer,phosphorus, residual effect.




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