Karakteristik Spondilitis Tuberculosis di Rsup NTB Januari - Desember 2012

E. Hagni Wardoyo • Muthia Cenderadewi • Hadian Rahman • Novia Andansari Putri • Dyah Purnaning
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Infectious Disease • 2015 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 4 pages)


The objective of the study is to describe clinical characteristic in West Nusa Tenggara Province Referral Hospital in 2012. Observational design was established using hospital's record with ICD 10 codes A18.10 (tuberculosis of the spine). During 2012 found 19 cases of spondylitis tuberculosis (8 female, 11 male). Age interval between 9-60 years old. The accompanying conditions are: lung TB (4/19), anemia (2/19), severe malnutrition (3/19), sepsis (1/19), meningoencephalitis (1/19), compression fracture of the vertebrae (8/19). Laminectomy was done to 15 subject and antituberculosis drugs. The majority cases are male, all cases having accompanying conditions with compression fracture of vertebrae as most frequent condition. Majority of cases are need laminectomy.




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