The Emergency of a Fourth Research Paradigm and Its Relationship with the Management of the 21st Century

Jairo A. Cardenas

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(English, 3 pages)


A few thousand years ago our knowledge was based on the description of natural phenomena, which was supported on experimental science, a hundred years ago our knowledge evolved to the level of the definition of theories, which were supported by the theoretical sciences, recently , our knowledge was based on computational sciences, which used and continue to use the simulation of complex phenomena. Today, we have the fourth paradigm “The Science of Intensive Data”.That is, the large volume of data that flows through the networks, the information systems, the instruments in the factories, those that are captured directly or indirectly through interaction with the human being; flood the vast silos or data repositories. Therefore, corporations, companies and organizations have the great challenge to analyzing and processing this data, moving data to information and transforming information into knowledge.Therefore, the objective of this essay is to illustrate the emergence of the fourth research paradigm and its relationship with the management of the 21st century, its challenges and opportunities to develop a competitive strategy that ensures permanence in the changing business world.




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