Copolymerization of (p-2-Ethoxycarbonyl) cyclopropyl Styrene with Glycidyl Methacrylate

K. G. Guliyev • A. I. Sadygova • S. B. Mamedli • Ts D. Gulverdashvili • A. M. Aliyeva 1 more

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The radical copolymerization of (p-2-ethoxycarbonyl)cyclopropyl styrene with glycidyl methacrylate has been investigated. The new cyclopropane- and epoxy-containing photosensitive copolymers have been prepared. The constant values of relative activity of the monomers have been determined and the parameters Q-e on Alfrey and Price have been calculated. The copolymerization constants of this compound (r1) with glycidyl methacrylate (r2) calculated on Feynman-Ross method are: r1 = 1.15, r2 = 0.42, respectively; values of parameters Q and e: Q1 = 1.85, e1 = -0.75, respectively. The composition and structure have been established and the photochemical investigations of the synthesized copolymer have been carried out. It has been established that structuring proceeds due to opening of cyclopropane ring, epoxide and carbonyl groups.




International Journal of Engineering Research and Science

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