Increase Kitchen Garden Productivity using IOT and Virtuino app

Prof (Dr) Jayant Shekhar • Mr Desalegn Abebaw • Mesfin Abebe Haile

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Continuously increasing food prices of basic kitchen items, fruits and vegetables the poor and fixed income groups are suffering from the decreasing real incomes and purchasing power. The marginal increase in the income of the poor people to enable them to gain access to food and improve their nutrition is the need of the present time. The kitchen garden falls under bio-intensive and participatory innovation which can provide year round availability, access and consumption of adequate amount and varieties which supply not only the calorific demands but also the micronutrients by the resource poor. One of the easiest ways of ensuring access to a healthy diet that contains adequate macro- and micronutrients is to produce many different kinds of foods in the home garden. This is especially important in rural areas where people have limited income-earning opportunities and poor access to markets. Kitchen gardening contributes to household food security by providing direct access to food that can be harvested, prepared and fed to family members, often on a daily basis. Kitchen gardens can be grown in the empty space available at the backyard of the house or a group of women can come together, identify a common place or land and grow desired vegetables, fruits, cereals etc that can benefit the women and community as a whole. This leads to give the idea of automated kitchen gardening system. The system is designed to sense soil moisture and amount of light falling on the plants. When the moisture content in the soil is too low, the system will give command to start a pump and water the soil. Apart from this the Arduino and ESP8266 it will transmit information on moisture level and ambient light. You can monitor all the data from your smart phone by using Virtuino app. Then a twit can be send to your account automatically if the moisture falls below a given threshold value. It provides full control and monitoring of variables such as temperature, pest management and control works and more.




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