Preparation of Oligo (Hexene-1-So-Indenes) and Investigation of Its Products as Additives to Oils

A. M. Hasanova • F. Y. Aliyev • S. B. Mammadli • D. R. Nurullayeva • B. A. Mammadov

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It has been carried out the copolymerization reactions of hexene-1 and indene with participation of BF3·O(C2H5)2 as the catalyst, the yield, the composition, the structure, the copolymerization constant and the average molecular weight values depending on cooligomerization condition have been determined. It has been shown that a location of links in the prepared cooligomers has a statistic character, but the blocks organized by molecules of hexene-1 may be included. Thermal stability of the synthesized cooligomers of hexene-1-indene has been investigated both individually and in fatty solution and it has been elucidated that an increase of a quantity of indene links in cooligomer composition leads to increase of thermal stability and an increase of the molecular weight decreases a thermal stability. An inclusion of the synthesized cooligomers in composition of M-6 oil as synthetic component increases a viscosity index value and gives it anticorrosion property.




International Journal of Engineering Research and Science

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