Validation and Integrity Mechanism for Web Application Security

Saher Manaseer • Ahmad K. Hwaitat

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Recently the world of web applications has witnessed a huge wave of attacks that caused a lot of web applications to get defaced and for a lot of businesses to lose financially and to lose the integrity between those companies and their users .since web hacking became common knowledge on the Internet and most of the defacements that happens on daily basis are going under a random way, the security specialists are trying to get new solutions that will help reduce the possibility of causing much damage to web applications even after the process of infiltration. In this research an enhanced web application solution was proposed, which is a validation and integrity component that can be easily installed on any web application firewall (WAF), in order to help in solving the problem mentioned and raise the level of trust between user's and web application hosts/owners also restore the lost data caused by hacking attempts in simple and systematic way.




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