Evaluation of biological and physicochemical risk of hospital liquid waste in Morocco

B. Sarhane • A. Tantane • O. El Rhaouat • A. El Ouardi • K. El Kharim 1 more
Journal article International Journal of Environmental and Agriculture Research • November 2018 Morocco

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Hospitals could be the source of pollution that must be taken into account in a general approach to health and environmental risk assessment. This study is part of the characterization of hospital liquid waste in a region in Morocco, whose objective is to assess their physicochemical, bacteriological and toxicological quality. The physicochemical analyzes carried out on 144 samples taken during one year showed a great fluctuation of some parameters such as: BOD5, COD, MES, PH, T°, ​​as well as an important bacteriological load: Total coliforms, E coli, faecal Streptococci, pathogenic germs such as: Salmonella, Staphylococcus, 20% multi-resistant, virulent germs of emerging nature such as: Pseudomonas aeroginosa, and trace metal elements such as: mercury and copper that exceed the threshold of acceptability. At the end of this study, it turned out that hospital effluents are heavily loaded with pollutants. We therefore hope, in the light of the results provided by this study, to have generated a real awareness of the competent authorities on strengthening and improving the treatment of hospital liquid effluents such as developed countries, as the impact of these effluents on human and environmental health is harmful and can spread emerging diseases.




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