Tourism Development in Yobe State (A Case of Dagona Waterfowl Sanctuary)

Nguru A. I.
Journal article World Journal of Innovative Research • September 2018 Chad • Nigeria

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(English, 6 pages)


The studyinvestigates tourism development in Yobe State with particular reference on Dagona Waterfowl Sanctuary in the Chad Basin National Park.nbsp The study relied on personal observations, questionnaires and interviews to generate useful information with the view to examine the development of tourism potential of Dagona Waterfowl Sanctuary and assess the level of tourism patronage by tourist, as well as to examine the factors impinging on the development of the Sanctuary. Data were collected through structured and unstructured interviews with research participants. A random sampling techniques method was adopted for the data collection.nbsp Purposive sampling techniques was also applied to include persons aged 25 years and have attained secondary school level of education and above. 60 questionnaires were distributed in three locations of GadanKargo, Dala and Dagona villages neighboring communities in the study area, where 15, 15 and 30 questionnaires were allocated to each village respectively, and 52 were retrieved.nbsp Data were analyzed using descriptive approach. About 88% of the people interviewed showed that there is low level of tourist arrival to the Sanctuary, hence, the study identified the effects faced in ensuring tourism development in Yobe State, including insufficient funding, inadequate infrastructure facilities and publicity, and lack of master plan for its physical development among others, indicating the low level of tourism development at the bearest minimum. Appropriate recommendations have been suggested that can be implemented to achieve the objectives of developing tourism in Yobe State of Nigeria.




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