Agribusiness in Horticulture: Empowerment and Gender Dynamic

Abdimajid Nunow • Mercy Wanja • Linda Obiero
Journal article World Journal of Innovative Research • June 2018 Kenya


Farming has been the backbone of the Kenyan economy. With the different agricultural revolutionary platforms down the Kenyan history, farming has advanced to accommodate the growth of globalization ndash a key aspect which is characterized by intensified demand of cash crops for export. Kenyans have hedged themselves against food insecurity and poor livelihoods through the adoption of agribusiness. This study focused on exploring how cash crop farming has empowered women and the youths within Kibugu region in Embu County, Kenya.nbspnbsp Through the use of a qualitative research design, the researcher used the semi-structured interviews to collect data from 45 agricultural informants within the region, particularly from the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operative associations. The exploratory variables for the study included issues of land ownership, land rights and use, agricultural income, cash crops and the position of women and youths in this type of agriculture. The study found that Kibugu farmers have substituted traditional crops with cash crops including coffee and tea which were associated with increased income for the households. Land acquisition is mostly done through inheritance with males having a greater power to own the lands than females. Female gender has been left out in making land decisions, as well as, its control ndash a key aspect which has left them outside horticultural faming. Consequently, the study found that women have significant control over income realized through horticultural farming, however, agribusiness playing a key role in accommodating women and youths in this sector. The use of chamas (Micro-finance groups) is becoming a popular source of credit to many of the Embu farmers to facilitate their farming and marketing activities. However, the study recommends the use of digital platforms, increasing farming scales and irrigation, and specialization to place agribusiness on a higher level.




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