Mesenteric Lymphangioma with Small Intestinal Volvulus in Teenager

Sagar Bhalerao • Rajnish Nagarkar • Aditya Adhav • Sucheta Gandhe
Journal article World Journal of Research and Review • September 2018

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Lymphangioma is a benign disease characterized by roliferation of lymphatic tissue that is initiated from early failure of communication of lymphatic spaces along with normal main draining lymphatic vessels. Lymphangioma is known as a congenital malformation instead of an acquired tumor. Lymphangiomas often extend deep into the tissues while they are histologically benign. Based on current evidence, lymphangiomas are rarely observed in the mediastinum. Less than 1% of cases are observed in the retroperitoneum and mesentery region. We report an uncommon case of mesenteric lymphangioma with small intestinal volvulus in a 16-year old female.The patient underwent exploratory laparotomy followed by histological examination. As per the reports, cystic non-communicating channels of variable sizes. The patient is currently doing well and undergoing nutritional and psychological support.




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