Case Report: Clotting Factor XII (Hageman) Deficiency Predisposing Acute non-hemorrhagic Stroke

Riyadh Ali Hammamy • Mohamed Kamal Hassan Sabra
Journal article World Journal of Research and Review • June 2018

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Prolonged Activated Partial ThromboplastinTime (APTT) on routine coagulation screening would usually attract clinicianrsquos attention toward bleeding tendency specially when done as preoperative preparation. Factor XII (Hageman factor) is one of the factors involved in the intrinsic coagulation cascade and deficiency of these factors eventually prolong APTT with bleeding tendency. However, factor XII deficiency are more liable for thromboembolism through defective fibrinolytic pathway rather than bleeding tendency.

A case of 27 years old male patient without past medical illnesses or significant risk factors presented with acute middle cerebral artery non-hemorrhagic stroke, screening to almost all etiological and predisposing factors were negative apart from prolonged APTT which was due to Factor XII (Hageman factor) deficiency.




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